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1981: NFT Charter

In 1981, a charter was granted to the Norfolk Federation of Teachers (NFT) from our parent group, The American Federation of Teachers. 

Since receiving our Charter, the Federation has grown into a large organization representing more teachers and other school employees than any other group in Norfolk Public Schools. One reason for the NFT’s continual growth is the fact that our membership has been able to re-elect our leadership. This brings continuity and makes our leadership more effective, knowledgeable and credible. 

1984 – 2011: President Marian Flickinger

Mrs. Marian Flickinger served as President from 1984 to 2011. According to the Virginian Pilot (2011):

Flickinger… was hired by the Norfolk school system in 1970 and taught at Larchmont, Monroe, Sewells Point and Ingleside grade schools as well as Booker T. Washington High. Flickinger said she and other school workers began organizing the Norfolk Federation of Teachers in 1981 because they disagreed with a policy that allows administrators to serve as members of the division’s other union. Her advocacy has included lawsuits against the division… as well as leading members in campaigning for City Council and legislative candidates.

2011 – Present: President Thomas Calhoun

Our current president is Mr. Thomas Calhoun. President Calhoun graduated from Maury High School and received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Norfolk State University.  He taught as an elementary teacher and served as a building representative for 16 years before becoming NFT President.

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