March 2021 Message From The President

March 2021

I am sure that everyone  is as happy as I am about the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act.  The plan addresses many  areas of our everyday life.  It is important that you at least take a close look at overview of the bill.  It is a lot more than the $1400 check.  Many of you are eligible for other provisions of the act such as the child tax credit and taxes on student loan forgiveness.  We will be happy to try and answer any questions you have and to send you any information that you may need.  Please call or email the office with any questions or concerns you may have. 

We have gotten some calls since school re-opening.  Many of them have been about changes in hours of operations.  If you have questions about anything you are seeing in your worksites please inform us immediately.  We will deal with each problem individually.  We have found that vast majority of the calls involve issues that are specific to that worksite.  That is why it is so important that we hear from you.  The only way we can determine if a situation is system wide, is if we hear about it from several different locations. 

The attendance that we had at our last meeting was great!  The more of us that participate in the operation of this union the more effective it is. The union is not a “ME” but a “WE”.  Hearing your ideas, questions, and just your passion makes it easier for us to do the business of this union.  Collective Bargaining is on the horizon in Hampton Roads.  It will take all of us to stand strong when the time comes!!  Our next meeting is Thursday,  April 22 at 4:30pm.   The Zoom meeting invite will be attached with the newsletter.  We hope to see all of you and more Thursday.  Bring your questions, ideas, and passions!

 In Solidarity,

Thomas Calhoun

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