Building Representatives

At the BR workshop held on Tuesday, August 8th, our building reps discussed the power of collective bargaining and learned tips on how to amplify their voices online and offline. We held a Summer Organizer panel that included Member-organizers, who spent part of their summer phone banking and participating in community outreach. BR’s role played different scenarios that dealt with Collective Bargaining, recruitment, and common school issue

They are building power and strengthening our communities. NFT Building Reps are motivated to get back into their schools to organize and increase member to member contact.

Building Reps are such a vital part to being an effective union!

Thank you again to everyone who attended this informative workshop.




Communicating with members builds community, we share common concerns and collectively come together to make the change.

“Hi my name is … and I am your building representative”


Support your members, foster relationships that members want your support, and feel supported. Advocate for positive working conditions and fair pay.




Push members to action, get members to show up for events, and meetings. Collectively we are stronger, ensure members they are not alone.

 It is the responsibility of the Building Rep to notify the Federation of any changes: name, address, home phone, loss of family member, etc…for all building members. Building representatives are responsible for General Membership and Building Rep meetings. As well as being the link between the Union and it’s members by disseminating all information given to them at meetings to NFT members at their schools

Become a Building Representative

Build power in your schools with your colleagues!