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Thomas Calhoun

NFT President

 President Calhoun graduated from Maury High School and received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Norfolk State University. 

He taught as an elementary teacher and served as a building representative for 16 years before becoming NFT President.

Marcia Elsbery

Assistant to the President

Hello my name is Marcia Elsbery.  I am the Assistant to the President for the Norfolk Federation of Teachers.  In my 17 years of experience with NFT, being a part of the labor movement has been empowering. 

Education is the foundation of our country! Educators deserve respect, a safe working environment, and to be compensated fairly. #strongertogether

Gloria Cole

Field Representative

Hello, my name Gloria Cole, and I am field representative with NFT. I’ve worked for NPS for over 30 years. I a proud union member and have been a part of NFT for over 30 years. I currently serve on the executive board. I am also a member of the A. Philip Randolph Institute chapter of Hampton Road. I believe in power of solidarity and I love to advocate for all school employes.

Cortney Skinner

Field Representative

Hello, my name is Cortney Skinner. I am a field representative with NFT and have over 6 years of experience as a preschool teacher. I am a passionate former educator who joined the labor movement to empower others and show the strength of our collective voices.

I represent members, handle grievances, and ensure all NFT members voices are heard.

(757) 623-1246

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